Spade Digital is hiring!

Role: Intern, Business Development

Position: Full-time

Hours: 40 Hours/week

Location: Bashundhara R/A


Spade Digital is a creative agency based in Dhaka. We are looking for a Business Development Intern who will build meaningful connections, acquire clients, and drive the long-term growth of the company.


– Good understanding of marketing and the digital landscape
– Excellent negotiation skills
– Good presentation skills
– Ability to network and connect with a variety of people
– Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
– Work well as part of a team, with a wide range of people
– Being organized and have an interest in social and cultural trends and fashion
– Ability to work under pressure and multi-tasking
– An openness to experiment and explore new ideas

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not care about your age, sexuality, race, gender, or educational background. Anyone with the right skill-set and dedication is welcomed to work with us.


*Application deadline is 15th June, 2021

*Only selected candidates will be called for the interview via email.

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