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What makes us tick

We exist for you and because of you. We work as your brand custodians, your trusted partner and your friend. Since 2016, Spade Digital has been working towards leveraging your brand equity with the most effective and efficient solutions that are based on actionable insights and deeply nurtured brand stories.

Our multidisciplinary team works tirelessly to understand your business, your consumers and the overall business landscape. Our goal is to find you solutions that are not merely reliable but also relevant to the evolving digital world.

Digital Marketing

Whether you are a large corporation or a local business, in today’s age, nobody can ignore social media. We design and develop effective strategies combined with bespoke content across digital platforms to drive business growth.

Visual Identity

A visual identity is the first point of interaction with your brand. We design visual identities that make your brand stand out and last the test of time.

Design Services

Be it a 50 feet billboard or a table-top menu, every touchpoint of your brand needs to communicate effectively and with clarity. We provide Graphic Design services that merge functionality with aesthetics while maintaining your brand’s identity.


When it comes to experiences, pictures often do speak better than a thousand words. We provide photography services that will leave your customers craving for more.


Nothing tells a story better than videos. A well-made video is a treat for the senses. Whether it’s a small product presentation or minutes long AVs, we make sure to craft it with care.

Web Design

Navigating today’s digital landscape without a website is like playing darts in a dark room. We design responsive websites that build your brand presence across a variety of devices and screens.